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MMKARFO-M Natural Sodium Bentonit in Powder Form

Our Natural Sodium Bentonite Grade Bentonite increases the durability of the mold during the high temperatures. It is mainly used as molding sand adhesives in greensand mold, skin dry mold, dry mold and high pressure molding of cast iron and cast steel. It has the ability of higher content of montomorillonite, better green compression strength and hot wet tensile strength, high strength expanding and better thermal stability compared with similar domestic products.

Using this product can improve the reusability of molding sand, reduce the dosage of bentonite and water content of sand system, enhance the strength and flexibility of molding sand, improve air permeability, apparently improve the quality of cast, reduce waster by solving problems about the casting sand, scarring, block, porosity, sand washing and sand subsidence, thereby reducing the casting production costs, storage and transport costs. 

Green MB (meq./100g) : 94
Swelling (ml/2g) : 26
Compactibility (%) : 48
Permeability : 139
G.C.S (N/Cm2) : 5,8
D.C.S (N/Cm2) : 57
W.T.S (N/Cm2) : 0,24
S.S (N/Cm2) : 1,6
Thermostailbity(600°C) (meq./100g) : 80